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It might be realized soon.....

 投稿者:Kenjiメール  投稿日:2009年 5月29日(金)14時59分30秒
  Dear Korean fans,
According to Jade's website, it'll be realized soon that the gathering in Korea with Chelsia.
  (as a memorial party "Rainbow in my heart(Korean version)" was shown again in Hollywood theater.)
    "from Jade's website, to Chelsia"
  I envy you.....
  But I wouldn't join it :-( , so.......
  I dedicate "第二道彩虹:Rainbow in my heart" to Chelsia,though it might offend the ear...
>>> "rainbow in my heart with flute by Kenji"

I envy Korean fans !

 投稿者:Kenjiメール  投稿日:2009年 5月17日(日)22時44分19秒
  Dear Korean fans,
I hear that as follows information from Jade.
  I envy you !    Will you enjoy the movie ?

>>In Seoul,Korea, <The Movie what Chelsia appeared 1976,"Rainbow in my heart" >will be shown agin on May 24 in Hollywood theater, it is only one-day showing for mid-generation who passed 1970s with those young age.
It was opening theater of Rainbow in my heart & Chelsia my love. <<
  "Korean referential guidance"

Happy birthday to Chelsia !

 投稿者:Kenjiメール  投稿日:2008年11月17日(月)00時25分10秒
  Dear Chelsia,
   Happy birthday to you !
       Recently,you seem so busy,so please take care of yourself.
            And I wish your family happiness and prosperity.
                 Happy birthday to you !         "Loving You"
                                                played by Kenji

A Happy New Year !

 投稿者:Kenji  投稿日:2008年 1月 1日(火)23時24分20秒
  A Happy New Year !
I wish you all happiness in this year !
Dear Chelsia,I wish you and your family all happiness in this year,too !
And I hope you can act to donate of LX activities.

The lost email

 投稿者:(Kenji ) from Chelsiaメール  投稿日:2007年 3月25日(日)00時31分58秒
  <The message from Chelsia moved from"English Board" to this Board.> Mar.23, 2007

Never mind, Kenji, cause I can still remember roughly what I've written.
The title was " A long lost friend",
Yesterday I wrote:
You're always welcome, Kenji cause I'm very much willing to give informations about LX activities.
The long lost friend is a fan whom I met in S'pore many years ago. She gave me a call yesterday, and she'd soon go back to Hawaii where she's migrated to. I believe it's fate which brought us together again, cause she saw me performing on TV in S'pore.......
The main thing about the email yesterday was, I treasure friendship and I believe it's forever.

You don't have to worry about the complicated steps of your email address which I actually didn't understand :) You've already done a great job to me and all others, and provided a great site where we can chat with each other leisurely.
    (Kenji) Thank you so much for your warmhearted message to me,Chelsia.
Your messages always cheer me up, and are motivated me,even I'm disappointed.
*(BTW),I watched "the view of TVB8"which you are singing"歌".(Congratulations! getting the population best10)
*Select名次10 歌名:歌,push[300K]button http://tvcity.tvb.com/jsg/billboard/html/20070321.html
I was supprised to watch it !  Because your daughter was appeared with you.
And I've fully realised she has really Chelsia's DNA,cause her looks is closing to you year by year,
and getting beautiful !  Thanks a lot of fun.

Jade, I'm praying for your husband.

 投稿者:Kenjiメール  投稿日:2007年 3月 4日(日)01時29分46秒
  Dear Jade,
Oh, what a unexpeced huppening on your husband !
Are you all right now ?
I'm sorry I have nothing to help for you.
  I'm praying the surgery will be successful and your husband will be fine soonly !

    Yours sincerely,                        Kenji



Second visitor

 投稿者:James Bond  投稿日:2007年 1月26日(金)23時55分13秒
  Japan Chelsia's cafe member room is rich.
Because Korea member room friends  will come in soon.
James Bond frequently come in too.
It's going to snowing  in Seoul tomorrow.
I'm dream of a snowball fight with 陳秋霞 cafe world friends.(HongKong,Taiwan,Japan,Korea,and all countrys)
Of course! Chelsia and Mr. Lee play together.
If so, JamesBond is defend Chelsia and our team is win.(Ha-Ha- Ha!)
It's a interesting imaginnation.

I will back!

-James Bond
    (Kenji) Hi,James Bond,
Welcome to my site !
You seem always a strong guy even on a internet.
I'm expecting to take more Korean friends to this column.
Thanks a lot,Bond !                      Kenji

simile.. cantabile..

 投稿者:Jane  投稿日:2007年 1月24日(水)14時56分2秒
  Hi, Kenji-san, member Jane in Seoul is writing to you asking how you are.
This place is so quiet, am I the first visitor here?
Come to think of it I'm afraid that I'm the last person who's never been abroad in this global village generation, so I can't make mention of Onsen thing. I'm so sorry!
By the way, the cover photo you posted is so similar pose to mine...so nice!
    (Kenji) Hi, Jane, welcom to my site and this item.
Surely, You are the 1st visitor !
Did you draw the attached drawing of Chelsia ?
If so,you are extreme wonderful painter.(surely,the Cover photo that
I posted is very similar to it.)
  Thank you so much,Jane.                 Kenji

About Akiu-Onsen

 投稿者:Kenjiメール  投稿日:2007年 1月21日(日)14時42分41秒
  Hello Fans,
I'd like to introduce about Japanese "Onsen".
It isn't embarrased place as female worry about it.
   Please refer as below URL .
              Best regards,                  Kenji



"The meeting with Mr.Coba"_article.

 投稿者:Kenjiメール  投稿日:2007年 1月21日(日)00時54分43秒
Though it's too late posting it,
I introduce the article of "The meeting with Mr.Coba who is world-famous accordion artist",on his blog.
I translated the articles (into English),watch the attached file,please.
*I show the URL of "coba's blog" as follows, http://blog.eplus.co.jp/coba/2006-12-24



1977_the Cover photo of Magazine in Jp.

 投稿者:Kenjiメール  投稿日:2007年 1月21日(日)00時47分54秒
  Hello fans,
I've got the her Cover photo of Magazine in Japan(issued in Sep.1977),
by Yahoo auction,recently.
I attached it,    She was really cute and lovely...